Collaboration is at the heart of Vision 2020's work

None of our goals could be achieved without the support of many organizations throughout Austin.  Vision 2020 operations and projects are funded almost exclusively through donations and grants, given in recognition of the positive impact our work is having on the community. Many organizations choose to provide in-kind and volunteer support as well.

We would like to acknowledge the following organizations in particular for their generous contributions to the Vision 2020 effort and their commitment to making Austin a better place for everyone:

  • Austin Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Austin Area Foundation
  • Austin Housing and Redevelopment Authority
  • Austin Public Schools
  • City of Austin
  • Development Corporation of Austin
  • Hormel Foods
  • The Hormel Foundation
  • The Hormel Institute, University of Minnesota
  • Mayo Clinic Health Systems - Albert Lea and Austin
  • Mower County
  • Quality Pork Processors
  • Pacelli Catholic Schools
  • Riverland Community College
  • United Way of Mower County
  • YMCA of Austin