Greg Siems joined the Vision 2020 team in November 2015.  In his role he serves to guide and support each committee's work through research, grant writing, public communications, and financial management.

Greg moved to Austin in May 2015 with his wife, Mandie (Mickelson), an Austin native.  He holds a bachelor's degree from Luther College and a master's degree in political science from the University of Notre Dame.  

Greg participates in a variety of other organizations throughout Austin, including the City's Planning Commission and Sustainability Taskforce; the Statewide Health Improvement Program; and the Austin Rotary Club.

You can reach Greg at (507) 437-3448 or

Steering Committee

Members of the Vision 2020 Steering Committee represent a diverse range of skills, experiences, and organizations from across Austin. These community leaders meet monthly and work to advise and support the Director and each of the Vision Committees.  The Steering Committee is also tasked with long-term strategic planning for the Vision 2020 initiative. 

Current members:

If you are interested in serving on the Steering Committee, please contact Greg Siems.