A vision for transforming Austin

The Vision 2020 idea hatched in 2011 as local leaders were learning more about positive changes being made in other communities around the region. They saw an opportunity for Austin to intentionally chart a course for the future by asking an important question: what kind of community do we want to be?

The next step was to collect ideas from citizens to answer that very question. Over 4,000 individual submissions were collected, and, after several rounds of review by a diverse volunteer Idea Selection committee and voting by the public, a handful of specific "Vision Statements" were crafted to reflect ambitious, yet achievable goals for Austin to achieve by the year 2020.

The "Big Reveal" of these Visions in April 2012 was a highly anticipated community event, and volunteer committees formed soon after in order to help turn the Visions into reality.

Investing in the community, building for the future

Vision 2020's volunteers understand that nothing happens in a community without people working together.  Our committees serve to convene stakeholders, facilitate conversations, and develop collaborative projects that help make Austin a better place to live.  The relationships being built today as part of Vision 2020's work, among both individuals and organizations, will yield tangible dividends down the road in the form of a stronger and more connected community.

We also know that moving a community forward requires significant financial commitments.  Since its inception, Vision 2020 has leveraged over $24 million in grants, donations, and investments from every sector throughout Austin: private, public, non-profit, and philanthropic.

We are incredibly grateful for such broad and diverse support, and over the next several years we are working to secure an additional $100 million for community projects.  These investments have the potential to truly transform Austin into an attractive place to live, work, and play for everyone.

The in kind gifts of energy, time, and talent given by so many individual is essential for any of the work to be completed.  It's the people, the collection of amazing, every day people who are sharing to have collective impact!  

Be sure to check out the individual committee pages to learn more about their work and what is planned for the future. The following list is only a brief sampling of the projects, programs, and events that Vision 2020 volunteers have organized and/or supported since 2012: 

  • New artificial turf for Wescott Field and the seasonal Packer Dome
  • The Community Home Improvement Program, which provides volunteer labor and low-interest loans for those in need
  • A satellite office of the Small Business Development Center
  • Move of the new SPAM Museum to the heart of downtown Austin
  • "Community Concierge" services provided through the Chamber of Commerce
  • The Cedar River Watershed District's Capital Improvement Plan to reduce flooding and improve water quality
  • Austin Aspires, a new education-minded non-profit
  • "Red Bike," a free bike share program
  • Peer Power Partners, a mentoring program in Austin Public Schools
  • Plunging for Pink, to raise money for cancer research at Austin's own Hormel Institute
  • Summer Kickoff and Fall Fest, two new free community events