The Waterways committee was a group of passionate community members dedicated to making our aquatic resources cleaner and more accessible for everyone to enjoy.  The committee would especially like to thank the Cedar River Watershed District, the City of Austin, The Hormel Foundation, and all of the volunteers who have donated time and money to help clean up our local waterways.

The work continues through the Cedar River Watershed District.  We are grateful to have a community of people and organizations committed to enhancing our valuable waterways!

Past accomplishments

  • Supported development of the Cedar River Watershed District's Capital Improvement Plan, including securing a $3.2 million grant through The Hormel Foundation.
  • Led the effort to clean up downtown Mill Pond's island.
  • Partnered to establish Plunging for Pink as a fun aquatic activity and community event to raise money for breast cancer research at The Hormel Institute in Austin.