The Community Wide Technology committee adopted the name "Gig Austin" to reflect their goal of gigabit level broadband service for every home and business within the Austin Public School District.  The team was made up of a variety of community members with the interest, expertise, and professional affiliations necessary to make this project happen. They are thankful to The Hormel Foundation, The Blandin Foundation, and Ag Star Financial Services for grants that have funded the surveys and studies listed below, and look forward to working with even more community partners in the future.

Past accomplishments

  • Conducted a feasibility study in 2013 to analyze the best practices, promising technologies, and business models available to provide "state-of-the-art technology" in Austin.
  • Determined that a fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) model of ultra-fast broadband is the best option for Austin.  The committee adopted the name "Gig Austin" for the project, in recognition of the goal of providing 1GB transfer speeds to the community at a cost comparable to current providers.
  • Conducted a household survey in 2014 to gauge public interest in the project.  Out of 300 respondents, 92% would consider switching to a community-based provided if they could receive faster speeds for a comparable price.