The Community Pride and Spirit committee is grateful for every volunteer in Austin that is working to make our community a happier, healthier place for everyone.  The committee is also thankful for the support of many other organizations in town that have made its work possible: the Austin Housing and Redevelopment Authority, Austin Public Schools, Habitat for Humanity - Freeborn/Mower, The Hormel Foundation, and the United Way of Mower County.

Past accomplishments

  • Created the Community Home Improvement Program - a collaboration with Habitat for Humanity and the Austin HRA.  Eligible homeowners can receive volunteer help, grants, and low-interest loans to complete needed exterior repairs.
  • Created Peer Power Partners, a youth mentoring program that pairs up young people with peers who have physical or intellectual disabilities, in order to cultivate friendships and increase understanding.
  • Launched "Spread the Spirit," a campaign to highlight the impact of volunteers and encourage acts of kindness throughout the community.
  • Started a "good graffiti" program to cover up unsightly street art with positive messages and images.

Current objectives

  • Develop new, creative ways to encourage people to volunteer and help others by "spreading the spirit."

Future goals

  • Expand and improve upon existing programs, including CHIP, Peer Power Partners, and Spread the Spirit.
  • Support organizations and individuals working to make Austin a more welcoming, inclusive community.