A grassroots movement of community volunteers

Our committees are made up of community members just like you.  We could not accomplish anything without the time and energy they invest into making Austin a better place for everyone, and anybody is welcome to join the effort! No particular knowledge or expertise is necessary, only the desire to better our community.

Be sure to click around and learn more about our committees' projects and goals.  On each page you'll find:

  • The committee's vision statement.  These statements were crafted by the volunteer Vision Selection committee in 2012, and some have been updated over time to reflect new goals or areas of focus as our community develops.
  • Details about what the committee has accomplished so far, what they're working on now, and where they're headed in the future.
  • Links to news articles, reports, and other resources that you might find helpful to stay up to date on the committee's work.

We hope you'll enjoy discovering more about what Vision 2020 has achieved and what we are bringing to the community!